Enhance Your Retirement With ‘Life Purpose’

Those of us who have not made it financially wish that if they had it more, they will be happy thereafter. On the other hand, a significant number of those who have made it financially still feel as though they are lacking something. Where so, what would it really take to be ‘happy’?

Having experienced life styles of both, have’s and have-not’s, it seems the happiness doesn’t have much to do with either of the financial situations. The material wealth stops making the difference after one has achieved that. Of course, if you have money, you can be unhappy in style. Therefore, I would rather be financially self sufficient.

Financial sufficiency is relatively simple if one has time and discretionary savings, in a retirement plan or elsewhere. Just write to me at rohit.chauhan@live.com and I will show you how you can achieve it with out risking a penny of your hard earned savings to the uncertainties of the market.

Beyond the financial self sufficiency, the prescription for happiness is the same, wealthy or otherwise. That is to connect with one’s life purpose. Interestingly, by so doing one’s chances of having access to all the needed amount of material wealth increase phenomenally.

Before we can get in touch with our life purpose, it is essential to know who we really are? Many sages and highly evolved minds have tried to answer this age old question, via a confusing process of elimination. Almost everyone seems to have spent much time on explaining what they are not. Due to such approaches, people have been gravitated to accept an apparent mystery behind this question. But, is there really any mystery, unless we so desire for protection of certain highly treasured beliefs.

Simple minded people have been content to move on by just putting this question aside, and conducting themselves as though they are their Body with a spirit caught in it. This translates more towards recognition of the body to body differences, with an over emphasis to our physical plain.

I am with those who think just the opposite, i.e., we are a Spirit with a body that allows self expression and interaction in physical and emotional dimensions. This may appear as a mere play of words, but, when you think about it, in the infinite UE continuum, our body is like a transcendental resort for us to experiment in and experience the results of our choices. This point of view has powerful life altering consequences.

Each human body has basically the same physical attributes and a varying degree of spiritual integration with the Universal Energy, usually personified as God. I have grown up listening to my father quote from Veda, in Sanskrit, “Sharir Madhyam Khalu Dharm Sadhanam”, which I understood to mean that the medium of human body is the best form of life for relating with and expressing Universal Energy, aka God, in practical terms. Naturally, we must take real good care of our body.

The human body, mind, and spirit, together can act as a powerful lens for collimating UE on desired purposes. We need to develop this power and express it, with an objective of further amplification of the UE within us. This is our life purpose, without which our power is destined to decay. General tendency of overly religious people to delegate their personal responsibility back to their God or priests, via thoughtless following of rituals, defeats their life purpose.

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