Finally You Are ‘Free’ – What’s Next?

You are retired, after working all your life. You have earned the freedom. Now that you are supposed to be free of commitments, what do you want from your remaining life? Partying, Golfing, travelling to exotic places, and plain old doing ‘nothing’ to the so called ‘taking it easy’ would come to an end before you know it.

It was not too long ago, so it may seem, that dealt with being an empty nester. Your hope for the great children filled the void. Eventually your grand children came and you became used to enjoying with them. Now you know that your grandchildren would also get more and more difficult to be with, due their sports, Emptiness & Hopefriends, home work and what not. With no work place to go to, there feels an emptiness as well as hope of the new possibilities. I know, I have been there.

If you are like most people, you are probably saying, wait a minute. I can understand, not having a ‘job’ to go to may not be enough of a freedom. However, you do have freedom to choose what you do with valuable time that you have been exchanging so far for money. You may be faced with insufficient income, health challenges, or both.

Fear of running out of money is the most common cause of worry among the retirees. If that is so, you will do well to be relatively certain of your potential income flow scenario and contingency plans. You would find the links on our Financial Security page helpful. If potential medical issues are robbing your peace of mind, our Health Options page may interest you. Come here often to get new ideas or links. Whatever is bothering you, deal with it first. Visiting the links at our Life Enhancement page, regularly, would help you get much more out of the resources at this as well as other sites.

Having come so far in life, chances are greater that you are a highly reasonable person and justifiably enamored by the advances in science and engineering. As such you have relatively more developed left brain, as compared to the right hemisphere. Regardless of whether or not you are a religious being, you will do well to venture into the links at our page on Spiritualism Benefits for learning to engage your ‘whole mind’. This will strengthen your core beliefs and help you come in touch with the purpose your life of life, while showing the way for enrichment in every significant aspect of your life. It would then be a greater joy to watch everything fall in place for a more fulfilling life.

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