There is a lot more to happy retiring than just financial planning. Chances are excellent that you are being pursued by financial planners frequently, typically with offers to buy one or more products for financial well being . Media is also full of “investment” advice. All this necessary but not sufficient for a happy retiring. This site fills in that gap.

In a way by being aware of the other aspects of life that will continue to be discussed here, your financial products would have a better chance of contributing to a more fulfilling retirement life. As a matter of fact, going, these considerations would help you choose more efficient and better targeted financial products.

You will do well to consider the non-financial products & services offered on this site for a more fulfilling life.


Part I: for retirees (followed by Part II: for pre-retirees)

After retirement your focus should be on tax-efficient distributions of accumulated assets, estate planning, and finer things in life.

In today’s world financial insecurity is the most debilitating feeling. During my over 2o years of financial advisory services, as a Chartered Financial Consultant, I have found this to be true even for those plenty of money. A large segment of people, rich or poor, not counting the super-riches, just like to be financially cautious. This is part of their upbringing, or call it a kind of xenophobia – a fear of the unknown. Surely you have seen plenty of grownups conducting their lives as though, if something can go wrong – it will go wrong. They are quite willing to let an opportunity pass buy, just to hang on to what they have.

How financially secure are you? Regardless of whether or not you can now muster up the confidence to feel secure, I suggest it is essential to validate your feelings, in relationship to your desires for a satisfying retired life. This would allow you to determine how to enjoy your retirement and what type of risks you may take, without fear. Remember there can be no such thing as ‘no risk’ in life at large.

As a qualified Multi-disciplinary Life Advisor and former Estate Planner, you can trust me to review your situation thoroughly and privately. There will be no charge for a complimentary first phone or Skype consultation for getting to know each other and for me to provide you with an estimate of my fees for future engagements as appropriate. My highly competitive fee will be to cover getting to know your family needs, guaranteed income requirements, your life desires, financial & estate plans, and coming up with written recommendations. You may contact me initially by clicking on the ‘Contact Us‘ in the top Menu. Please don’t include your details without a dialogue with me, where I would have an opportunity to set up a private drop-box for you.

It would be only be fair to caution you that a feeling of financial security may or may not generate a peace of mind  or life fulfillment for you, for ever. Money is such a thing whose absence is felt, but the presence may not bring much long term satisfaction. You would need to take take care of a multitude of other issues, discussed on other pages and in various posts on this site.

We are qualified to advise you in several areas. Note that we do not accept commissions from any financial institution, to avoid any conflict of interest whatsoever. This would allow you to consult us for a second independent opinion and to keep your current financial advisory relationships.

Part II: for Pre-retirees 

(coming soon)