Happy Retiring Is Financial Planning & More

People think of retirement as having no responsibilities and plenty of money for an eat drink & be marry life style. Those who have been able to do so are known to be lacking fulfillment, just as those who have not saved enough.

It seems life to most adults is primarily about getting the greatest return on their financial investments and avoiding taxation. Not enough consideration is going into how this would help towards their intended purpose of promoting happiness and life fulfillment. For better retirement, people must rise above just ‘financial’ planning.

Consumers and the providers alike are driven excessively by a financial bottom line. In our highly competitive society the products and service contracts have become too complex to be understood by consumers, within their rapidly shrinking attention span, and attitudes to transfer liabilities in case of adverse outcomes. Often people have taken inappropriate risks towards their goal of material networth maximization, which has resulted into dismal consequences for many.

The result is obvious in form of growing insecurity and anxiety among the rapidly increasing seniors segment in our country. Most feels they don’t have enough to enjoy life. While the life spans have been increasing, the same cannot be said for the quality of life. The strain of exploding medical care costs and the time one spends going from doctor to doctor is quite alarming.

All this should be managed via an integrated approach to life transitions. On the surface such ideas may appear idealistic, but they are essential for lifelong happiness. Of course, this approach must be offered in terms of practical bite sized and profitable self sustaining programs for lasting long term benefits.

Life advisory services are to be focused, more so, on the retirees and those with retirement on their mind. Family Values driven and market risk free, financial planning has to be an integral part of life advisory services that need  go much beyond, by preparing people to enjoy the fruits of their planning and resources..

Happy Retiring approach begins with a thorough understanding of family, values, health challenges, and desires. It takes a good inventory of all assets; i.e., health, intellectual, financial, family and social strengths. It also assess needs for education, training, and coaching directed to a fulfilling life. Only then life plans should be sought and a continuing guidance or life coaching accepted, along with suitable financial investment, insurance and income plans. This is opposite of what is being practiced today, which mostly for ‘closing’ a sale or just buying a product.

You may vote for adding meaning into the happy retiring. To vote is simple. Go to https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com/ , go down half page, and click on the ‘LOG IN & SUPPORT’ button. Log in here by using your Facebook credentials. Just fill in ‘Happy Retiring’ in the Business name field, select ‘Arizona’ for the State, select ‘Scottsdale’ for the City and click SEARCH. You will see a hyper linked listing for ‘Happy Retiring’. Then click the VOTE button, seen on the right side.

For the family and social value’s driven dimension to retirement & legacy planning, with promise of a healthier, responsible and more fulfilled community, you may contact Rohit Chauhan, MBA, at Vikas108@Live.com.

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