Retirement Transition – Have you made it?

Congratulations. To be here either you have made it in life or are close it. The fact is the better half of life has just begun for you. It is waiting for your joyful attention, should you so choose.

Just in case you think you don’t have “enough”, yet, know that yesterday does not have to be equal to tomorrow; in most cases it is not. Not to worry, you can expect to findĀ and provide help in these blogs. Money is essential to happy retirement within our society today, although happiness in retirement requires much more than money. Yes, we will talk about financial excellence as well as venture into other dimensions.

Life Planning should be such that one is able to transcend into retirement, rather than “retire” at a given age. This is possible only when retirement is not a time to stand still while waiting in virtual hospice as many do. Neither is it time to so called take it “easy”, by spending time in a eat, drink and be marry routine.

To retire is to enjoy life via involvements that are stress-free, healthy and invigorating. This is best accomplished with attitude training and planning in a transitory manner.

Retirement is the time to expand your universe in as much as possible and stay in step with it. Taking it easy, being playful, and all other activities should to the goal of resonating with the expanded universe. Meditation is certainly a highly effective technique for expanding your universal consciousness.

Retirement is a highly individual issue. Yet a vast majority of those who do not have enough savings feel that if they had “more” their retirement will be so much more joyous. I feel qualified to say so because as a retirement and legacy planner I have helped a number of families preserve and grow their savings over the past 20 years.

I have found that in addition to money a life cycle advisory has been essential in almost all cases, regardless of the savings. It seems that everyone needs a purpose for life that would keep pulling them towards more fulfilling choices. It is surprising that the intensity of personal belief in the “purpose” keeps the needed capabilities and resources within reach. On the other hand, one must be prepared to tune the purpose’s dimensions to in harmony with one’s changing capabilities and deployable resources. Fortunately, I have been able to fill that latent need because of my highly diversified education and life experiences.

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